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APIs and solutions to supercharge your financial growth

Make cost-effective decisions in your lending business by taking advantage of our API solution; affordable, but powerful APIs - all in one place.

Empowering 1000+ lenders and fintechs

why adjutor?

Make the best and cost effective decisions

Adjutor was developed to help lenders and fintechs, especially those who have built their independent technologies, to enjoy the data ecosystem and superior services provided by Lendsqr for lenders.

Efficient loan underwriting process

Optimize API calls to detect and prevent fraudulent and repeat borrowers on your platform, ensuring the best lending choices.

Access all pertinent customer data in one centralized location, empowering informed decision-making.

We've handled all the complex integrations with data-centric organizations. Explore affordable solutions at your convenience.

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Dynamic APIs to power everything you need to underwrite loans

Choose one or all - Adjutor is everything you need to maximise and scale your lending.


Quickly validate customers using BVNs, emails, or phone numbers. The validation APIs help you confirm the accuracy of customer information.


Make quick, easy and cost-effective decisions with all the information at your disposal during your loan decision processes.

Credit Bureau

Get accurate credit reports and scores about your users using their BVNs from the top accredited credit bureaus in Nigeria.

Direct Debit

Tokenize access to bank accounts and get one-off or recurring payments using our direct debit APIs. Direct debit mandates are activated in minutes.

Embedded Loans

Power your app with embedded loans or build a highly scalable Buy Now Pay Later loan offerings in few simple clicks.

what you get

Seamless solutions for smart decisions

Affordable data all in one place

Tap into our ecosystem to get data from over 1 million customers.

Extensive data from smartphones

Access a cost effective SDK for Android devices with better APIs and cost that is 1/10 of the next better alternative.

Comprehensive credit reports

Acquire exhaustive reports from credit bureau at a significantly lower cost.

No hits, no charge

We only charge per successful API call, so you don’t need to worry about running out of funds.

Superb lending decisions

Access all pertinent customer data in one centralized location, empowering informed decision-making.

Ease of integration

We have done the stressful integration with these banks and organizations so you don’t have to worry about the technical know-how.

for developers

The building blocks to efficient underwriting

Our building blocks eliminate the need to build core lending and underwriting logic from scratch, enabling you to focus on your customers and drive growth. Check our API guides to learn more.

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